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The quality of our success depends on the quality of our communication with other people - this course enables people to increase their communication skills to influence others, generating powerful results.

There are many techniques used to get people to say yes, when we know these techniques we can use them ourselves, rather than having them used against us.

Whether we are communicating to build our knowledge about people and organisations or negotiating major contracts our ability to influence others through communication is vital to ensure we achieve desired results – the ability to ask probing questions provides us with high quality information.

Communication is improved when we recognise verbal and non-verbal signals from others. We develop rapport when we have the attention, acceptance and trust of people we communicate with. This course teaches delegates the powerful skills which top communicators already know – the skills which make a difference between success and failure, getting your desired results or accepting others wishes.

The specific principles of influence are explored to ensure delegates find ways they can enhance their ability to influence others.


Perception and Awareness

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Principles of Influence

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Effective discussions

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Negotiation for influence

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“Leadership is the activity of influencing people to co-operate toward some goal which they come to find desirable” - Ordway Tead