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Customer Care

Today's fiercely competitive markets have created products and services which are increasingly similar and of similarly high quality. The differenciator is the level of service provided to the customer.

Good customer care creates satisfied customers who return, and recommend the supplier to others. This training programme addresses ways to identify and implement improvements in customer care to build long term customer relationships.

Customer care training from SPA Traning Development provides recognition of the importance to a business of providing excellent and memorable customer service. Through building knowledge about customers, developing skills in communication and rapport building and using exercises and examples delegates learn how to build first class relationships with customers.

SPA Training Development can provide you with a bespoke course matching your particular market requirement. The propgramme structure is tailored, utilising the elements below, to match the job functions of those attending the training.


What Customer Care is

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Customer care input

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What the customer is buying

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How customer care is created

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Implementing customer care

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Setting Standards

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