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We negotiate things every day, either for business or personal reasons. Having the skills required for successful negotiation is vital for any person who is involved in planning or executing contracts or agreements.

The achievement of a win-win situation is the result of successful negotiation. This course from SPA Training Development will equip delegates with the tools needed to negotiate the best possible outcome - for both their own company and their customer. Delegates will understand the negotiation process and why it is important that they negotiate successfully.

The negotiation methods taught will be reinforced through practical exercises and participation in exercises from both sides of the table.

Negotiation training from SPA Training Development is suitable for all sales personnel, sales managers and any managers or supervisors who have to negotiate contracts with suppliers, customers or employees on behalf of their organisation.



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Preparation for Negotiations

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Defining negotiation requirements and handling obj

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Determining solutions and closing negotiations

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“In a successful negotiation, everybody wins” - Gerard Nierenberg, US President of the Negotiation Institute